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Sencha Okumidori Green Tea

Sencha Okumidori Green Tea

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Learn all the secrets of the Sencha Okumidori Green Tea

The Henta Okumidori green tea is a classic sencha produced by Mr. Henta in Kirishima. Because it’s an okumidori tea, it has a smooth flavor profile


Sencha Okumidori Green Tea flavor chart

Discover the results of Nio Teas’ 4 step tea tasting method

To evaluate the flavor of the Henta Okumidori Green Tea we look for a combination of the aroma and also how the tea interacts with the palate. Does it produce a dryness, acidity, minerality, sweetness or umami? We’ll also evaluate the texture of the tea, otherwise known as mouthfeel. Finally, for sencha tea, we’ll evaluate it based on how vegetal the taste profile is as this is a common characteristic throughout most sencha teas. 

Step 1 - Observing the Appearance

The leaves of the Henta Okumidori green tea are a dark shade of green, with a combination of tightly rolled needles and smaller leaf particles. 

Step 2 - Assessing the Aroma

The aroma of the wet leaves is heavy on the steamed vegetable and slightly earthy notes. There is a hint of pine and seaweed in the nose.

Step 3 - Tasting the Tea

This Okumidori tea leads with a light, mineral sweetness which later transforms into a mouthwatering acidity. There is no dryness in the finish, but rather a stronger umami. The tea has some vegetal notes of asparagus but they are well balanced by the umami, minerality and acidity.

Step 4 - Evaluating the sensation on the palate

The mouthfeel of this Okumidori tea is quite thin, but it transforms into a satisfying umami that coats the palate. There is a playful citrusy acidity that adds brightness to the tasting and it is well complemented by a medium minerality.

100% Organically grown and Ethically Sourced

At Nio, we partner with farmers who grow tea plants using natural methods and without the use of chemicals or pesticides. This approach not only improves the taste of the tea but also promotes the health of the tea fields where it is grown.

Based on our observations, tea farms that avoid pesticides and chemicals not only support the growth of tea plants but also create a vibrant habitat for wildlife to thrive.

Nio Teas Unique Organically grown sourcing process

  • Individual taste testing of each tea
  • Communication with the farmers about the production methods and how they ensure no pesticides are being used in the process
  • In person farm visits to assess the quality and attention to detail
  • Making sure that there is biodiversity supported around the tea fields
JAS Japanese Agriculture Standards logo

JAS Certified

The abbreviation JAS stands for Japanese Agriculture Standards, which certify that products are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

When selecting tea, our preference is for tea fields that are free of pesticides or chemicals. We collaborate with larger tea farmers who can afford soil sampling and testing and require them to provide the JAS label.

However, we also partner with smaller tea farmers who have not yet obtained certification but still produce high-quality tea. In these instances, we accept the "pesticide-free" label and strive to create opportunities for small farmers without making the screening process too difficult.

How to prepare the tea

To prepare this okumidori tea, you can use a lower temperature water and a relatively short brewing time. 1 minute should be more than enough time for the tea leaves to open up and release their flavor into the water.

  • icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 70 degree celsius and 160 degree fahrenheit

    Step 1

    First, heat the water up to 70 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be the perfect temperature for this okumidori tea

  • icon of 5 grams of tea leaves

    Step 2

    Add 5 grams of the henta okumidori sencha to your kyusu teapot and pour in 150ml of water 

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 1 minute

    Step 3

    Allow the leaves to brew in the water for 1 minute without disturbing them.

  • black icon of a cup of tea

    Step 4

    Once the brewing time is complete, you can now pour your okumidori sencha, and the teapot will filter out the leaves on its own, ensuring that they do not make their way into your cup. Sit back and enjoy your delicious cup of green tea!

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 20 seconds

    2nd brew

    Don't discard your leaves after the first brew! With the henta okumidori green tea, you can steep the leaves an extra 2-3 times. All you need to do is add more hot water to the teapot and allow the leaves to steep for 20 seconds during each subsequent infusion.

  • icon of glace of matcha latte with ice cubes

    Cold brew

    In addition to making a delicious hot tea, the henta okumidori green tea is also an excellent choice for brewing with cold water. For more information on how to cold brew green tea, visit our blog and read the complete article.

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Necessary teaware

In order to prepare the perfect cup of okumidori tea, you will need a kyusu teapot. The best teapot for brewing these kind of teas is the fukamushi teapot. This teapot has a circular metal strainer that makes it easy to pour green teas without clogging. If the teapot clogs, not only does it make it harder to pour, but the leaves will also sit in the teapot too long and overbrew.

Alternative without teaware 

If you don’t have a teapot at home, we recommend using a tea strainer for the henta okumidori green tea. This will separate the tea leaves as you pour and stop the infusion so the tea doesn’t overbrew and the leaves stay out of your cup of tea.

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henta tea farm in japan

Location of production and farmer

Information about the farm

Henta okumidori green tea is grown by the talented farmer, Mr. Henta, in Kirishima, Japan. During our first meeting with him, Mr. Henta imparted to us a wealth of knowledge regarding the nuances of various tea plants.

What fascinated us the most was his extensive understanding of the different tea plant cultivars, each possessing distinct flavors and growth patterns.

Despite cultivating green tea on a small field, Mr. Henta manages to produce a total of 8 different tea plant varieties. He has honed his expertise in blending these various cultivars to extract the best qualities of each one in his unique green tea blends.

map with the location of Kirishima tea fields in Japan

Sourced in Kirishima


Henta Okumidori green tea originates from Kirishima, a region situated in southern Japan. Unlike the central part of the country, which experiences frigid winter weather, Kirishima benefits from a mild subtropical climate. As a result, it's easier to cultivate more delicate tea plant varieties that yield complex and sweet green teas like this one.

Cultivar and tea plant variety

As the name would suggest, the henta okumidori green tea is made using the okumidori cultivar. This cultivar is well sought after in Japanese green teas, and it works perfectly in this sencha.

  • Okumidori

    Okumidori tea is known for producing a smoother and more full bodied teas. It is often used in tea blends to round out some of the bitterness, but occasionally you will find it being used on its own. The okumidori cultivar can also develop a hint of this fruity characteristic, which works especially well in a cold brew.

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