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Kamairicha is a partially roasted green tea, somewhere in between a hojicha and a sencha. Kamairicha is made by turning the tea leaves in a large hot pan at a lower heat. This makes the tea taste more like a Chinese green tea, with nuttier notes of hazelnut and cashew. Although this tea is rare in Japan as a whole, it is a local specialty in the region of Miyazaki.

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What is kamairicha?

Kamairicha tea is a partially roasted green tea, somewhere in between an unroasted sencha and a fully roasted hojicha. It is made in the Chinese style, which involves turning the leaves in a hot pan. Kamairicha is quite rare in Japan as a whole, but it is a regional specialty in Miyazaki prefecture.

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Our kamairicha is exclusively sourced from small farmers around Japan

After traveling around Japan for the past few years, we have met with dozens of farmers and sample many rare green teas. Kamairicha is one that really caught our eye, but it took us awhile to find a good source. Finally, we began working with two farmers in Miyazaki, Mr. Issin and Miyazaki Sabou who produce excellent quality Kamairicha.

Kamairicha brewing instruction

For kamairicha, you can follow the same basic brewing instructions as you would with a regular sencha tea. You may want to use slightly hotter water to extract some of the more roasted flavors. In general, you can use a temperature of 160 degrees fahrenheit and a brewing time of 1 minute for Kamaricha. For the leaf to water ratio, you can use 5 grams of leaves for every 150ml of water.

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Kamairicha flavor profile

The flavor of Kamairicha plays more on these nutty notes, with flavors of almonds, toasted cashews and roasted seaweed. This tea does a great job at combining the warmer taste profiles of fully roasted teas, with the fresher and more vegetal flavors of unroasted teas.

Frequently Asked questions

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Order issues

While issues with orders are quite rare, mistakes do happen and you may experience a slightly longer wait time due to customs, holiday traffic or weather. We will automatically provide tracking information shortly after you order your tea so you can find out where your kamairicha loose-leaf green tea is at all times.


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Returns & Refunds

While it is rare for someone to tell us they don’t like the kamairicha, occasionally it may happen. We want everyone to end up with a tea they like, so we would rather send you a replacement tea rather than have you stuck with a  kamairicha tea you don’t like.

There is no need to return the roasted tea to us if you didn’t like it, just keep it and share it with someone who would appreciate it! Feel free to contact us by email or on our social media pages and we can help to solve whatever issue you might have with your kamairicha loose-leaf green tea! 

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