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Red Tokoname Kyusu

Red Tokoname Kyusu

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Learn all the secrets of the Red Tokoname Kyusu

Add a little bit of color to your tea ritual with this beautiful Red Tokoname Kyusu. This teapot is made from oxidized tokoname clay, giving it the distinct reddish orange hue. This is the perfect teapot for starting off your journey into loose leaf tea and it will allow you to make richer, more flavorful infusions!

How to use the Red Tokoname Kyusu

The Red Tokoname Kyusu couldn't be easier to use! is a breeze to use, you just need to follow four simple steps. Start by heating up the water, add in the tea leaves, pour the water into the teapot, and finally, let the tea steep before pouring it out.

  • icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction

    Step 1

    Heat the water up to the perfect temperature by using an electric kettle. Each tea variant has an optimal temperature, and you can find this information on our website.

  • icon of tea leaves

    Step 2

    Place 5 grams of tea leaves into the Red Tokoname Kyusu. To warm up the teapot before adding the leaves, pour in some hot water, wait for 30 seconds, and then pour it out.

  • Step 3

    Once the tea leaves are in the Red Tokoname Kyusu, you can now carefully add in 150ml of water.

  • black icon of a cup of tea

    Step 4

    Set the lid on the Red Tokoname Kyusu and let the leaves steep for 1-2 minutes, depending on the tea type. Once the brewing is done, pour it into your glass, and the built-in filter will stop the leaves from entering your cup.

  • transparent black icon of a teapot

    Step 5

    After you've steeped the leaves for the first time, you can still get 2-3 more uses out of them. Use water at the same temperature, the same amount, but steep for only 20 seconds in each following brewing.

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    Step 6

    To cold brew tea in your Red Tokoname Kyusu, add 5 grams of tea leaves and 400ml of room temperature or cool water. Let it steep for 1-3 hours, then pour out the teapot and indulge in a chilled and invigorating green tea!

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100% Hand Made in Japan and Ethically Sourced

Crafted in Japan by talented artisans, this Red Tokoname Kyusu gets a hands-on treatment with traditional sculpting and glazing techniques. Each teapot follows precise measurements, but the small differences in each one give it a one-of-a-kind feel

japanese artisan crafting a kyusu teapot

Made out of premium Japanese Tokoname clay

Clay from Tokoname Japan is considered to be the top choice for Kyusu teapots. With its lively color and minimal porosity, it's excellent for retaining water. When this clay is skillfully sculpted and glazed, it produces a refined design that adds an authentic and traditional touch to your tea experience.

Benefits of the Red Tokoname Kyusu

When you prepare loose leaf tea in the red tokoname kyusu, you will notice a difference right away. Compared to tea strainers, the flavor is much richer and more complex because the tea leaves have more space to expand and fully release their flavor into the water. The teapot also reatures an elegant side handle, which allows you to pour out the tea without burning your hand.

japanese artisan working wit clay

Where is the kyusu produced?

Made in Japan

This teapot is produced by Chanoka, a small tea company from Uji led by Takada Masahiro. The company dates back to 1900 when his great grandfather started their first tea garden in Uji and since then they have dedicated their lives to growing and producing some of the best tea and teaware in Japan.

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