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Uji Sencha Chanoka

Uji Sencha Chanoka

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Learn all the secrets of the Uji Sencha Chanoka

The Uji Sencha Chanoka is a smooth and sweet sencha tea produced by Mr. Takada in Uji, one of the most famous and historic tea production regions in Japan


Uji Sencha tea flavor chart

Discover the results of Nio Teas’ 4 step tea tasting method

To evaluate the flavor of the Uji Sencha Chanoka we look for a combination of the aroma and also how the tea interacts with the palate. Does it produce a dryness, acidity, minerality, sweetness or umami? We’ll also evaluate the texture of the tea, otherwise known as mouthfeel. Finally, for sencha tea, we’ll evaluate it based on how vegetal the taste profile is as this is a common characteristic throughout most sencha teas. 

Step 1 - Observing the Appearance

The leaves of this uji sencha green tea are quite dark and tightly rolled. They almost look like gyokuro but one shade or two lighter.

Step 2 - Assessing the Aroma

The aroma of the wet leaves of the uji sencha tea drifts into these earthier aromas with a hint of sulfur and wet wood.

Step 3 - Tasting the Tea

The Uji Sencha Chanoka draws you in with a strong sweetness that eventually transforms into a starchy, sweet corn note. The tea finally finishes up with a pleasant, umami taste. The notes in this tea drift more into these brown sugar or caramel taste profiles.

Step 4 - Evaluating the sensation on the palate

The mouthfeel of the Uji Sencha Chanoka is slightly thicker with an intense sweetness. There is not too much minerality with this tea, nor is there much acidity. The tea is simply warm, sweet and not dry.

100% Organically grown and Ethically Sourced

At Nio, we prefer to work with tea farmers who grow tea plants using natural and organic farming methods, without relying on pesticides or chemicals. In our experience, the taste of the tea is notably different, and the tea fields' overall health is significantly improved. Our aim in partnering with these farms is to encourage the tea industry to adopt a more sustainable and positive approach, and to share these sustainably produced teas with people all around the world. 

Nio Teas Unique Organically grown sourcing process

To guarantee the highest quality and unique flavor profile of each tea we source, we subject them to stringent taste testing. We communicate with our partnering farmers to understand their production practices and verify that their teas are produced using sustainable methods. 

Our team also conducts on-site visits to assess the quality of the tea fields and production facilities. It is equally important for us that the tea fields promote biodiversity and provide a healthy habitat for wildlife.

JAS Japanese Agriculture Standards logo

JAS Certified

If you notice the Japanese Agriculture Standards (JAS) label on any of our tea products, this indicates that they are produced without the use of pesticides or chemicals. It is crucial for us to ensure that the tea we acquire is free of pesticides and chemicals. For larger tea farms that we partner with, we require that they provide the JAS label, which can be obtained through soil testing and sampling.

We also collaborate with smaller tea farmers who may not yet have acquired the JAS certification, and we source their tea under the "pesticide-free" label. This is a way to help people discover excellent teas made by smaller producers, while still upholding our standards for sustainability and environmental conservation.

How to prepare the tea

For the preparation of the uji sencha tea, it is recommended to use water at a lower temperature and a shorter brewing time. 1 minute is more than enough time to extract a delicious flavor from the Uji Sencha Chanoka.

  • icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 60 degree celsius and 140 degree fahrenheit

    Step 1

    Heat the water to 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit, as it is the perfect temperature for this type of tea.

  • icon of 5 grams of tea leaves

    Step 2

    Take 5 grams of the Uji Sencha Chanoka and put it into a kyusu teapot and pour 150ml of the hot water over the leaves.

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 1 minute

    Step 3

    Let the tea leaves sit in the water for 1 minutes without agitating them. If you swirl or mix the tea leaves too much, it will release bitterness from your tea.

  • black icon of a cup of tea

    Step 4

    After the brewing time is up, you can pour out the tea from the pot. The teapot's filter will keep the leaves out of your cup. Now you can sit back and enjoy your delicious Uji Sencha Chanoka!

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 20 seconds

    2nd brew

    Don't throw out the Uji Sencha Chanoka after the first brewing! You can still get 2-3 more cups out of this tea. Just add more hot water to the teapot and let the leaves brew for 20 seconds each time you brew.

  • icon of glace of matcha latte with ice cubes

    Cold brew

    We do not recommend cold brewing the Uji Sencha Chanoka

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Necessary teaware

To make the best cup of Uji Sencha Chanoka, we recommend you use a kyusu teapot. You may want to go for the Fukamushi teapot, which has a circular metal filter that makes the tea easier to pour without clogging. After the brewing time is up, you will want to quickly pour out the tea so that it doesn’t over brew.

Alternative without teaware 

If you don’t have a kyusu teapot, a tea strainer can be the next best option to prepare Uji Sencha Chanoka. This tea strainer will allow you to separate out the tea leaves, which will stop the tea from brewing at the perfect time.

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masuda tea farm in japan

Location of production and farmer

Information about the farm

This tea comes to us from the farmer Takada Masahiro in Uji. His company Chanoka dates back to 1900 when his great grandfather started their first tea garden in Uji and since then they have dedicated their lives to growing and producing some of the best teas in Japan. 

Sourced in Uji


As the name would suggest, the Uji Sencha Chanoka is produced in Uji, the most famous region when it comes to the production of Japanese green tea. This particular uji sencha green tea is grown on the farm of Chanoka in Uji. This tea is grown at an altitude of 400 meters and it is unshaded.

Cultivar and tea plant variety

The Uji Sencha Chanoka comes from the Saemidori cultivar, one of the most sought after tea varieties in Japan.

  • Saemidori

    The saemidori cultivar is famous for producing a light and sweet flavor profile. This tea plant is difficult to grow so it is only reserved for premium green teas like gyokuro, matcha and of course this Uji sencha.

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