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Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto

Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto

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Learn all the secrets of the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto

The Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto is a delicious kagoshima green tea made by Mr. Sakamoto and it produces a smooth milky consistency and rich umami flavor


Discover the results of Nio Teas’ 4 step tea tasting method

When assessing the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto, we conducted a thorough evaluation of both its texture and flavor. Specifically, we examined whether it yielded a sensation of dryness, sweetness, minerality, or acidity. Additionally, we analyzed the thickness and richness of the matcha's consistency, which is commonly referred to as "mouthfeel." Lastly, given that vegetal flavor is a prominent profile in all types of matcha, we also scrutinized this aspect of the tea to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Step 1 - Observing the Appearance

The color of the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto is a lighter green hue and it is a nice smooth powder

Step 2 - Assessing the Aroma

The aroma coming off as the powder is mixed into water is spicy sweet and earthy, with hints of freshly cut grass and an intense umami note, which is an indication of the tea's high quality and freshness. The combination of these aromatic elements creates a delightful sensory experience that prepares your taste buds for the rich and complex flavor profile of the Japanese Matcha Tea.

Step 3 - Tasting the Tea

This kagoshima green tea begins with a smooth, milky consistency, and then it dives deep into this savory direction. The tea then finishes off with a slight, dark chocolate astringency which cleanses the palate.

Step 4 - Evaluating the sensation on the palate

The structure of the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto revolves around the strong umami flavor in the mid-palate. There is not a whole lot of astringency or acidity in the palate, which really allows the savory notes more space to play.

100% Organically grown and Ethically Sourced

Our philosophy at Nio is to establish a strong partnership with tea farmers who prioritize pesticide and chemical-free cultivation practices. We believe that these methods not only enhance the flavor of the tea, but also promote the well-being and sustainability of the tea fields.

In our experience, tea farms that avoid pesticides and chemicals not only provide a nurturing environment for tea plants, but also support the growth of a diverse range of plants and animals in the ecosystem.

Nio Teas Unique Organically grown sourcing process

  • Careful taste testing of each individual tea
  • Communication with the farmers about the production methods and how they make sure they ensure no pesticides are being used on the fields
  • In person farm visits to judge the quality of the tea field and the production facility
  • Making sure that the biodiversity around the tea fields is lively
JAS Japanese Agriculture Standards logo

JAS Certified

The JAS logo that you will find on the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto and many of our other teas is short for Japanese Agriculture Standards. This label ensures that products are grown without pesticides or chemicals.

At Nio, we prioritize tea fields that are completely free of pesticides or chemicals during our selection process. When working with larger tea farmers, we require them to provide us with the JAS label, which they can acquire through soil sampling and testing.

While partnering with smaller tea farmers who haven't obtained certification yet, we accept the "pesticide-free" label and aim to provide opportunities for small farmers without making the screening process too rigorous. Our goal is to support exceptional tea production while maintaining our commitment to pesticide-free farming.

How to prepare the tea

To prepare the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto, follow these basic steps to get the best results. While this process may seem complicated, it is essential to ensure that your matcha is smooth, free of clumps, and has a frothy top layer. You can simplify these steps if you prefer, though it may affect the quality of your matcha.

  • icon of a strainer with quantity of matcha grams to add to prepare ceremonial matcha

    Step 1

    Sieve 2 grams of matcha powder into your matcha bowl to eliminate any clumps caused by humidity.

  • black icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 70 degree celsius and 160 degree fahrenheit

    Step 2

    Heat the water up to 70 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • black icon of a black teapot pouring water in a chawan bowl

    Step 3

    Add approximately 1 tablespoon of water and blend the matcha powder to create a paste, ensuring an even distribution. Then, pour 100ml of water.

  • black icon of a matcha whisk and a matcha bowl

    Step 4

    Scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl gently to combine the matcha with the water.

  • black icon of whisk whisking matcha in a bowl

    Step 5

    Using your wrist, whisk the matcha in rapid zigzag motions until a light green foam forms on top.

  • black icon of a matcha bowl on a plat

    Step 6

    Enjoy your Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto

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Necessary teaware

When preparing the exquisite Japanese Matcha Tea Osada Okumidori, it is important to have the appropriate utensils on hand to ensure that you achieve the optimal flavor, texture, and consistency. These essential accessories include:

  • A Matcha Bowl: Also known as a "chawan," a matcha bowl is a specially designed bowl that is typically wider than it is tall. It is specifically crafted to provide enough space for the bamboo whisk to effectively move around and create a smooth, frothy texture.
  • A Bamboo Whisk: The bamboo whisk, or "chasen," is an indispensable tool for preparing matcha tea. Its unique design and delicate bristles allow it to easily dissolve any clumps of matcha powder and create a luxuriously creamy texture.
  • A Chashaku: This small bamboo scoop is used to accurately measure the perfect amount of matcha powder for each serving. By using a chashaku, you can ensure that your matcha is consistently flavorful and of the highest quality.
  • A Sifter: Prior to whisking, it is essential to sift the matcha powder to remove any clumps or impurities. Using a sifter will guarantee that your matcha is silky smooth and evenly mixed, which is crucial for achieving a perfect cup every time.
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mr sakamoto farm in japan

Location of production and farmer

Information about the farm

The Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto is a product of Mr. Sakamoto, a legendary organic green tea farmer based in Southern Japan. With decades of experience in the tea industry, Mr. Sakamoto has developed a sustainable method of producing super flavorful gyokuro and matcha tea without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

What impresses us most about Mr. Sakamoto is his unwavering commitment to his tea field. Instead of taking shortcuts, he has dedicated his time to creating his own organic fertilizer using a blend of natural compounds, including organic compost and sedimentary rock mulch.

By using his homemade fertilizer, Mr. Sakamoto provides essential nutrients to the soil of his tea plants, resulting in the growth of robust and healthy tea leaves while also preserving the natural ecosystem. While Mr. Sakamoto is best known for his production of gyokuro tea, he can also use the long shaded tea plants to make a delicious matcha.

map with the location of kagoshima tea fields in Japan

Sourced in Kagoshima


As the name would suggest, the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto is grown in Kagoshima Japan, in the far south of the island of Kyushu. More specifically, the tea is grown in the town of Shibushi, in an area that benefits from warm, subtropical climates, seasonal rainfall and rich, volcanic soils.

Cultivar and tea plant variety

The Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto is made using the Okumidori cultivar, a tea plant known for producing a smooth and full-bodied flavor.

  • Okumidori

    The Okumidori varietal is the perfect choice for a matcha like this. It gives the tea a rich, smooth flavor and really cuts down the bitterness. A lot of matcha teas have this bitter finish to them, but Mr. Sakamoto is able to avoid this in the production of the Kagoshima Tea Hime Sakamoto.

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