How Much Matcha Per Cup of Water? The Perfect Ratio

How much matcha per cup should you use? There is a lot of confusion about how much matcha you should use in each cup of tea, so let’s settle it once and for all!

In this article, we’re going to break down how much matcha per cup you should use and what problems you might encounter if you use too much matcha or too little matcha.

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How Much Matcha Per Cup?

So let’s just start off by answering how much matcha per cup of water.

Typically, we recommend you use 2 grams of matcha powder for 100ml of water. This is about half a cup, so if you want to get the same consistency on a full 8 ounce cup of matcha tea, you should use 4 grams. 

Getting the right ratio of powder to water is just one part of the equation. If you want to learn how to make great matcha at home, you should read this guide 👉 How to Make the Best Matcha

Why You Should Drink a Smaller Quantity

The reason we recommend drinking matcha in such a small volume is because it really concentrates the flavor of the tea. It’s better to have a small quantity of super flavorful tea than a larger quantity of more watered down tea.

If you are used to drinking tea in these large mugs, we recommend you try to transition to a smaller cup and take smaller sips to appreciate the flavor.


How much matcha should you use? Ultimate video



Why You Should Use This Much Matcha

So now that we have discussed how much matcha per cup you should use, let’s talk about why we use so much. 

Because matcha is mixed directly into water, it plays a large role in the consistency of the tea. When you make matcha, you want to have a thick, velvety consistency. If you don’t use use enough matcha powder, you will end up with more of a thin, watery consistency.

How Much Matcha Per Cup Impacts Foam

How much matcha per cup also influences the foam on top of the matcha. This foam is not just for looks, it also plays a role when it comes to the flavor and consistency of the taste.

A well foamed matcha has a light, airy consistency almost like a latte and it can have a smoother taste profile. In order for the matcha to hold a foam, in needs to be made with enough powder. 

Why isn't your matcha foaming? There could be a few reasons, and we'll cover each of them in this complete guide 👉 How to make matcha foam


How Much Matcha is Too Much?

Matcha is a very healthy drink, but if you use a lot of powder, you may want to watch out for your caffeine intake.

Each gram of high quality, ceremonial grade matcha contains 34mg of caffeine. This means that a regular cup of matcha made with 2 grams contains 68mg of caffeine. This is about half of a cup of coffee, so just make sure you limit your intake accordingly.

The caffeine content of matcha is a complicated topic. For a complete breakdown, we recommend you read this guide 👉 Does Matcha Have Caffeine? It’s the most Caffeinated Tea

Consistency Problems

Of course if you use too much powder, eventually the consistency will become an issue. The matcha will become a thicker paste and more difficult to drink.

In the next section, we will talk about a matcha that is actually meant to be drunk as a thick paste.


How Much Matcha Per Cup of Koicha

The type of matcha you are likely familiar with is called “Usucha” or “thin tea”. There is another way to prepare matcha and it is called “koicha” or “thick tea”. 

This is made using double the amount of powder and half the amount of water. It is drunk during special tea ceremonies, and can only be made using super smooth matcha powder like the matcha washimine, otherwise it will be extremely bitter. 

If you want to learn more about koicha, you can read our guide here 👉 All About Koicha by Japanese Tea Experts


How Much Matcha Per Cup of Matcha Latte?

We’ve talked about how much matcha per cup you should use if you’re drinking matcha plain, but how much matcha per cup should you use if you’re making a matcha latte?

When it comes to matcha lattes, you can use 2 grams of powder for 1 cup of latte. We recommend to use as little water as possible for making the matcha latte

How to Mix the Matcha Latte

So how much matcha per cup of milk should you use? For the best matcha latte ratio, we recommend you mix the 2 grams of matcha powder into a paste with about 2 tablespoons of water and then add in one cup of plant based milk (oatmilk tends to work best).

You can use warm milk if you’re making a warm matcha latte and cold milk if you’re making an iced matcha latte.

If you want to learn how to craft and expert level matcha latte, you can follow this guide 👉 Make an Iced Matcha Latte Just Like Starbucks Barista

How Much Matcha Per Cup of Matcha Latte Impacts Flavor

The reason we recommend using so little water in this matcha latte is because it dilutes the flavor. When it comes to a matcha latte, you want to maximize the creaminess, the sweetness and the matcha flavor.

Adding more water adds more volume to the latte, but a less concentrated flavor. If you’re wondering how much matcha per cup of latte, you can use 2 grams of powder but make the rest of the cup oatmilk and a hint of sweetener. 


How Much Matcha Per Cup - Final Verdict

So how much matcha per cup should you use? This depends on what you are making. If you are drinking the matcha plain, we recommend you make not a cup of matcha, but actually a half cup.

This can be done by mixing 2 grams of powder into 100ml (or about half a cup) of water.

What about Matcha Latte?

If you’re making a matcha latte and wondering how much matcha per cup you should use, stick to the same 2 grams of powder but this time mix it into one cup of oatmilk.

Make sure you reduce the amount of water you use in your latte so you get a rich and consistent matcha taste profile!

Why the Amount of Matcha Matters

Finally, why does it matter how much matcha per cup is used? The ratio of matcha powder to water can influence just about everything, from the flavor to the consistency to the foam.

If you don’t use enough matcha powder, you will end up with a more watery consistency, less foam and a diluted taste. If you use too much, the consistency will be too thick and contain way too much caffeine.

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