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Kamairicha Green Tea Issin

Kamairicha Green Tea Issin

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Learn all the secrets of the Kamairicha Green Tea Issin

The Kamairicha Green Tea Issin is a beautiful, pan-roasted green tea made by Mr. Issin in the mountains of Takachiho with warm notes of caramel and cashew


Kamairicha Green Tea Issin flavor chart

Discover the results of Nio Teas’ 4 step tea tasting method

To assess the flavor of the Kamairicha Green Tea Issin, we consider both the aroma and how the tea engages with the palate. We investigate whether it imparts a dryness, acidity, minerality, or sweetness. Additionally, we scrutinize the texture of the tea, which is also known as mouthfeel. Lastly, since roasted teas usually possess a common characteristic, we evaluate the taste profile of this tea based on its level of roast.

Step 1 - Observing the Appearance

The leaves of this kamairicha are a dark olive green and they are curled into all sorts of shapes rather than being organized into thin needles.

Step 2 - Assessing the Aroma

The aroma of the kamairicha loose-leaf green tea is sweet, salty, vegetal and a tiny bit roasted like sheets of nori seaweed.

Step 3 - Tasting the Tea

The kamairicha green tea starts out with a bright and light acidity and later brings it down to a soothing warmth, with the roasted flavor profiles dominating the mid-palate. The tea has a sweet, cereal finish to it with notes of almond, cashew nut and a tiny hint of mouthwatering acidity.

Step 4 - Evaluating the sensation on the palate

The mouthfeel of the kamairicha tea is very thin, allowing it plenty of space to play with acidity, roast, minerals and sweetness. This tea is very bright and citrusy, but also warm and soothing with no dryness.

100% Organically grown and Ethically Sourced

At Nio, we selectively work with tea farmers who grow their tea plants using organic and pesticide-free methods. We have found that this not only results in better tasting tea, but also promotes the overall health of the tea fields. In addition, these types of farms often provide a healthy environment for local wildlife to thrive.

Nio Teas Unique Organically grown sourcing process

  • Careful taste testing of each individual tea to find the perfect flavor profile
  • Communicating with tea farmers about their production methods and how they are able to avoid the use of pesticides and chemicals
  • Visiting the tea fields in person farm to assess the quality of the tea field and the production facility
  • Making sure that they tea field allows for wildlife to thrive in the surrounding ecosystem
JAS Japanese Agriculture Standards logo

JAS Certified

The JAS certification indicates that the product has been grown without pesticides or chemicals and is regulated by the Japanese government. To ensure that the tea we source meets our standards, we require larger partner farms to obtain JAS certification through soil testing.

For smaller farms that may not have the resources to obtain official certification, we accept their tea under the "pesticide-free" label. This allows us to give an opportunity to smaller farmers who produce high-quality tea while still maintaining high standards when it comes to quality and sustainability.

How to prepare the tea

To prepare this kamairicha, you can use a slightly hotter temperature and a shorter brewing time. When you use a slightly hotter temperature, you’ll allow some of the warmer notes to push through, just don’t overdo it!

  • icon of a teapot with temperature brewing instruction in degree for 70 degree celsius and 160 degree fahrenheit

    Step 1

    First, heat the water to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be the perfect temperature for this kamairicha green tea

  • icon of 5 grams of tea leaves

    Step 2

    Add in 5 grams of the kamairicha tea to your teapot and then pour in 150ml of the heated water.

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 1 minute

    Step 3

    Allow the kamairicha leaves to brew in the water for 1 minute, without disturbing them. This should be enough time for the tea leaves to open up and release their flavor into the water.

  • black icon of a cup of tea

    Step 4

    After the brewing time is up, you can pour out your kamairicha tea and the teapot will automatically filter out the leaves so they don’t end up in your cup.  Enjoy your tea!

  • icon of a teapot with time brewing instruction of 20 seconds

    2nd brew

    Don't throw your kamairicha loose-leaf green tea after one brewing! This tea can be brewed up to 2-3 more times. If you want to reinfuse the tea, simply pour additional hot water into the teapot and allow the leaves to sit for just 20 seconds. Each infusion will have a distinct flavor, so you get 3 different cups of tea for the price of one!

  • icon of glace of matcha latte with ice cubes

    Cold brew

    We do not recommend cold brewing the Kamairicha Green Tea Issin

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Necessary teaware

If you really want to brew Kamairicha the proper way, it’s recommended you get a kyusu teapot. This teapot will allow the leaves plenty of space to unfurl and release their flavor into the water, but it will also automatically sift out the tea leaves as you pour thanks to the built-in sifter.

Alternative without teaware 

If you don’t have access to a kyusu teapot, we recommend using a tea strainer for the kamairicha green tea. This may not be as good as a kyusu, but at least it will keep the tea leaves out of your cup! You can always upgrade your teaware later.

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Location of production and farmer

Information about the farm

As the name would suggest, this kamairicha tea is produced by Mr. Issin, a talented farmer in Takachiho, a small village in Miyazaki prefecture. Mr. Issin specializes in the production or roasted tea, like Kamairicha and Hojicha. While most Japanese green teas have these vegetable, slightly grassy flavor profiles these teas take on warmer tasting notes of coffee, caramel and chocolate.

Sourced in Takachiho


This kamairicha loose-leaf green tea is produced in the mountainous Miyazaki prefecture. Miyzaki is located in Southern Japan, which benefits from rich volcanic soils and mild, subtropical climates. These terraced tea fields are truly a sight to behold, and while they are nowhere near as common as they used to be, some farmers like Mr. Issin still choose to grow their tea in this traditional way.

Cultivar and tea plant variety

The Kamairicha Green Tea Issin is actually one of 3 different Kamairicha teas produced by Mr. Issin and it is made using the Saemidori cultivar. After tasting all 3 varieties side by side, we found that this one was the best illustration of this warm, nutty flavor profile that Kamairicha is famous for.

  • Saemidori

    Saemidori is one of the most sought after tea plant varieties in Japan and it produces a light and sweet flavor. Because it is quite rare and difficult to grow, it is reserved for premium Japanese green teas like matcha, gyokuro and in this case, Kamairicha green tea.

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