Why the Hojicha Kitkat just might Take Over the World

We’ve all seen pictures of matcha kitkats being sold, but is there such a thing as a Hojicha Kitkat?

In this article, we are going to be talking about all things related to the Hojicha Kitkat bar. We’ll talk about what it is, what it tastes like and where you can find it. We’ll also tell you why it has the potential to be even bigger than the matcha kitkat. Let’s get started!


What is the hojicha kitkat?

The Hojicha Kitkat bar is becoming very popular not just in Japan, but in other parts of the world as well.

Thanks to our globalized world, even though this kitkat is not intended for distribution in countries like the U.S, you can still find it online.

Before we go into detail about the Hojicha Kit Kat bar, let’s first talk about what hojicha is, and why it makes the perfect flavor inside a kit kat bar.

What is hojicha?

Hojicha is a special type of Japanese green tea that is characterized by its dark leaves, reddish liquor and warm, nutty flavors.

It is made by roasting the tea leaves over high heat, which gives it its unique flavor profile and reduces the levels of caffeine and bitterness when compared to an unroasted green tea.

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Combining the Hojicha into a Hojicha Kit Kat

When people make different types of hojicha based desserts (including the hojicha kit kat) they tend to use a finely ground hojicha powder. This hojicha powder is extremely versatile, and it can be combined with just about any ingredient.

Hojicha Kitkat is a type of chocolate wafer biscuit that has been infused with hojicha powder. The biscuit is made with a combination of classic kitkat wafers and hojicha-flavored chocolate. 

It’s meant to follow up the international success of the matcha kitkat bar and appeal to chocolate lovers that appreciate tea-flavored chocolates but are looking for something a little bit darker.


What does the Hojicha Kit Kat taste like?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what the Hojicha Kitkat is, let’s answer the question you’re all probably asking and that is “what does it taste like”. Let’s find out!

Unique flavor of the Hojicha Kitkat

The Hojicha Kitkat bar has a distinct flavor profile that sets it apart from traditional kitkat flavors.

The chocolate is infused with the nutty and roasted flavor of hojicha tea, creating a harmonious blend of tea and chocolate that is both rich and satisfying. The flavor is subtle and not overpowering, making it an ideal treat for those who enjoy tea-based flavors.

The Aroma of the Hojicha Kitkat

The aroma of hojicha kitkat is equally unique, with a strong scent of roasted tea that is complemented by the rich and creamy aroma of chocolate.

The aroma is both soothing and appetizing, making it a perfect treat for those who enjoy tea-based snacks or desserts.

Texture of the Hojicha Kitkat

As you might expect with a kitkat bar, the texture of Hojicha Kitkat is smooth and creamy, with a crispy wafer center that adds a satisfying crunch in each bite. The milk chocolate is creamy and melts in your mouth, leaving a rich and satisfying aftertaste.


How popular is the Hojicha Kitkat?

It seems like tea-based snacks are all the rage these days, and apparently the Hojicha Kitkat was able to ride the wave of popularity started by the matcha kitkat.

The matcha kitkat is made out of milk chocolate, but because hojicha pairs much better with traditional chocolate, they were able to follow the original recipe.

The Hojicha Kitkat has become an increasingly popular treat, with sales consistently growing each year.

What do people think about the Hojicha Kitkat?

Consumers have responded positively to the Hojicha Kitkat, with the product consistently racking up positive reviews. People are seemingly responding positively to the flavor and sourcing of the ingredients. 


Where can I get the Hojicha Kit Kat?

While the Hojicha Kitkat is widely available in Japan, it is difficult to get in North America, South America and Europe, save for a few online retailers and niche grocery store.

Your best bet is check if there is a local Japanese grocery store near you and see if they sell this in their snack aisle. You might be surprised what goodies await you in these stores!

As hojicha kitkat continues to gain popularity, it is likely that we will see it become even more widely available in the future and I, for one, welcome that future!

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