5 Matcha Tools You Must Use - Matcha Accessories Guide

With so many different matcha tools, it’s difficult to know where to start. In this article, we’re going to show you the matcha accessories you will definitely want, and which ones you can do without. 

We’ll also show you how to build the perfect matcha tool set based on your unique style and needs.

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Matcha tools - Utensils Used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony


Matcha Tools for Storing

So before we even prepare a bowl of matcha tea, you will need to store the matcha properly. Matcha is incredibly sensitive to light, heat and humidity, and it can quickly degrade in quality if stored improperly.

Tea Caddy or Natsume

The tea caddy, also called a Natsume can be one of the more important matcha tools to have if you are conducting a formal tea ceremony. Luckily, a lot of matcha tins function almost like a tea caddy, giving you a comfortable seal that keeps the air and moisture out of your matcha tea.

Our ceremonial matcha comes in tins that allow for longer term storage. If you buy matcha that comes in a pack, you may want to invest in a tea caddy to keep it fresh, otherwise you may not need it.


Matcha Tools for Sifting

Once you are ready to use your matcha, there are two more matcha accessories that come into play. Once the matcha is opened it will begin to naturally form clumps as it is exposed to the humidity in the air.

This is why we recommend sifting the matcha powder, so you can break up these clumps and allow the matcha to mix more evenly into the water. Here are two matcha tools you can use for that.

Furui - Matcha Sifter

This is an important piece of matcha tea equipment, as it allows you to easily break up the clumps before you make the matcha tea. Just position the sifter on top of the matcha bowl, put 2 grams of matcha powder into it and push the powder through. 

Once you have a finely sifted layer of matcha powder on the bottom of the tea bowl, you are ready to continue on to the next step.

Chashaku - Matcha Spoon

This is one of the matcha tools that you will find in a lot of our matcha sets. It is essentially a wooden spoon that is carved out of a single piece of bamboo. It is designed to be the perfect tool for scooping matcha powder.

It has a more vertical design, making it easier to scoop out of a cylindrical tin or tea caddy and it is the perfect measurement tool. Just measure out two scoops of the chashaku and you can use it to push the powder through the sifter, making it a versatile part of your matcha tool set

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Matcha Tools for Whisking

Now we get to the most interesting part of the matcha preparation and that is the whisking. For this, you will need 2 more matcha tools, which are definitely the most important.

Chawan - Matcha Bowl

This handmade clay matcha bowl is the largest of the matcha accessories and it's where the magic happens. On first glance, it may look like just an ordinary bowl, but it has some key advantages that make it a versatile piece of matcha tea equipment.

First, it has a more cylindrical design with a wide base that gives you more room to whisk the matcha. It is made out of a thick clay that retains heat so as long as you heat it beforehand, it will keep your matcha nice and warm.

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Chasen - Matcha Whisk

When it comes to matcha tools, without a doubt the most famous one is the chasen or bamboo matcha whisk. This clever little whisk is carved out of a single piece of bamboo and it is the perfect tool for whisking matcha.

As long as you follow the right whisking technique, using rapid wrist movements in a zigzag formation, you should be able to create a nice foam on top of your matcha, giving it a lighter, airier consistency and a smoother taste. 

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Other Matcha Accessories

If you invest in only two matcha tools, it should be the whisk and the bowl, but there are a few other matcha accessories you might want to have.

Water Heater

While you can use a stove to heat up water, it’s much easier to heat water up with an electric kettle. This can heat up water much quicker, and some of the more modern ones can even be set to a certain temperature so you can prepare matcha at 60-70 degrees.

In the tea ceremony, the tea master will use a Kama or iron pot to heat up the tea water. This is one of the least practical matcha tools for home use because it is large, expensive and difficult to use.

Chakin and Fukusa

Things get messy when it comes to preparing matcha, that’s why you may want to keep a towel handy. There are two different matcha tools that serve similar purposes.

The first is a hemp cloth called the chakin and this is meant to clean off the matcha bowl. The fukusa is a silk cloth and it is used to clean off dry objects like the chashaku. Both of these matcha tools can be useful if you want to keep your tea ceremony clean and tidy.

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Matcha Tea Equipment You Don’t Need

In total, there can be as many as 19 different matcha tools used during the Japanese tea ceremony, but most of them are not necessary for at home use.

These matcha teas include the Sensu or fan, the kensui or waste water bowl and the futaoki which is a bamboo rest for the bamboo ladle. These matcha accessories are nice to look at, but your money is better spent elsewhere.

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Building the Perfect Matcha Tool Set

As we mentioned before, the two most important matcha tools are the chawan and the chasen, and those can easily be found on our website. You can also build the perfect matcha tool set to fit your needs.

We have a few types of clay tea bowls that differ in color, glazing style and shape. You can mix and match to build the matcha tool set that you like the most! 

Don’t spend too much money on the additional matcha accessories, it’s best to make an investment in a quality whisk, bowl and of course a good matcha powder.

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The Final Verdict on Matcha Tools and Matcha Accessories

Although there are 19 different matcha accessories out there, there are only a small handful of matcha tools you’ll need for everyday use.

We recommend you just start with the basics like a matcha bowl, matcha whisk and matcha spoon and then you can upgrade your matcha tool set from there.

While these accessories will make a big difference in the taste of your matcha, they won’t make as much of a difference as using a higher quality matcha, so make sure you invest accordingly.

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