How to Cold Brew Sencha Tea Step by Step


Why you should Cold Brew Sencha Tea

Of course the most obvious benefit of cold brewed sencha japanese green tea is that it allows you to drink the sencha cold rather than hot, but there is more to it than that.

The temperature you use to brew tea can change what is extracted from the leaf.

It can also influence how tastes and aromas are perceived.

For example a hot tea will have steam coming off of it, which will allow you to get more aroma as you sip it. 

Cold brew sencha isn't the only cool, refreshing tea option.

Gyokuro can also work great if you know how to do it!

To pull it off, you can read our article on 👉 How to Cold Brew Green Tea.



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The flavor of cold brewed Sencha Japanese green tea

When you cold brew sencha, you will notice that the taste is smoother and sweeter.

This is because the catechins, or bitter components within the tea leaf are only extracted at higher temperatures.

This is why when you boil a tea, it becomes very bitter.

When you use cold water, you still extract plenty of flavor from the tea, but you don’t get nearly as much of these bitter or astringent flavors.

Even if you are brewing a hot green tea, you still should use a lower temperature water to get the most out of the flavor.

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Pro tips to cold brew Sencha tea

When it comes to how to cold brew sencha, you can use either cool or room temperature water, 5-10 grams of tea leaves and 500ml of water.

You can then use a brewing time of anywhere between 1-8 hours depending on how strong you like the tea.

Best time

One benefit of cold brew sencha is that you can taste test the tea overtime to see if you like the flavor. From our experience the best time to cold brew sencha tea for is around 3 hours. At this time, the water has extracted plenty of flavor from the leaves, but it's not too long to the point where the tea has become bitter. 

You can cold brew sencha tea for 1 hour, pour a tiny bit of the tea out and give it a taste test. You can then repeat this every hour or so until you find the perfect taste. Once you have found the brewing time that you like most, you can use this the next time you cold brew sencha tea

Ideal tea leaves ratio

In our opinion, the best cold brew sencha ratio is 10 grams of leaves and 500ml of water. You may find that this is a little bit strong, but because cold brewed sencha Japanese green tea doesn’t have too much bitterness, sometimes you can go a bit heavier on the leaves. Experiment a bit until you find the cold brew sencha ratio that works best for you!


Whats the best Cold Brew Sencha Tea?

After trying many different cold brew sencha, we have compiled a list of some of our favorites. Overall, the best cold brew sencha has to be the shizuku sencha.

This tea is made with a mixture of sencha leaves and matcha powder and it is designed to be the ultimate tea for cold brew. The matcha powder mixes into the water to create a cloudy, flavorful infusion. 

Another cold brew sencha tea we have become quite fond of is the fukamushi yamaga. This is a deep steamed sencha from Shizuoka and the cold water really brings out the fruitier, lychee berry notes of this tea. Try it out for yourself and see how you like it!

Cold brew sencha isn't the only tea you can enjoy! For a list of our favorite teas for cold brew, you can check out this article for a complete guide on 👉 how to cold brew green tea

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