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Mega Green Tea Sampler (28 pack)

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Why Should You Try it?

  • Explore 28 different types of Japanese green tea
  • 102 grams of Japanese tea at once
  • Get sustainable energy throughout the day
  • Expand your palate and learn about tea daily
  • High in caffeine, amino acids and antioxidants
  • Delicious tastes, beautiful colors and complex aromas

What's in the Sampler?

Kasugaen Asatsuyu Sencha: A deep steamed sencha from Kagoshima. The tea starts out with a light sweet corn note, followed by a nice edamame or baby spinach note that intensifies from steeping to steeping.

Murasaki Sencha: Super green, deep steamed tea from Kagoshima. This fukamushi sencha has a bold full-bodied flavor, with plenty of sweetness and a hint of fruit.

Kamairicha Issin: pan-fired green tea from the mountains of Takachiho with a nice roasted flavor with a light cashew nut note.

Gyokuro Cha Musume: Kagoshima Gyokuro with a straight to the point umami flavor

Fukamushi Yamaga: Fruity tasting deep steamed tea from Shizuoka that's also excellent as a cold brew.Text

Kukicha Osada: A stem tea from the mountain village of Isagawa that has a nice hay flavor and a mineral note at the end

Sencha Isagawa: A smooth Sencha from the organic village in Shizuoka that gives a tingling taste on the top of the tongue and a nice citrusy note

Bancha Masuda: A Shizuoka tea made from more mature tea leaves. Has a pleasant wooden note and can be steeped up to 6 times.

Henta Okumidori: A mild, single cultivar sencha from Kirishima that has a pleasant fruity note to it

Gyokuro Cha Meijin: The most premium Gyokuro made from Mr. Sakamoto, extremely sweet and umami with a dense liquor

Gyokuro Sasa Hime: A well-balanced blended Gyokuro from Mr. Sakamoto in Kagoshima with a mix of umami, vegetal and sweet.

Henta Sencha: A blended Sencha made from 8 different cultivars. The flavors are sweet, umami, grassy, astringent and vegetal.

Matcha Seisui: A stronger, grassier Yabukita Matcha from the Kyoto region. This matcha works better for Matcha lattes

Matcha Koiai: A bold, sweet Gokou Matcha from the region of Shizuoka

Matcha Washimine: A smooth and creamy Okumidori Matcha from Kyoto. This is a great matcha for "koicha", a thicker matcha made during the tea ceremony

Matcha Kakitsubata: A fresh, vegetal Yabukita matcha from the region of Shizuoka. This matcha also works well in a latte

Matcha Marufuku: A sweet and creamy matcha from southern Japan, made with a combination of the Okumidori and Saemidori cultivars

Henta Matcha: A sweet and fresh matcha coming from the Kirishima region in southern Japan

Henta Saemidori: A sweet and umami single cultivar sencha with a thick liquor and a bright green color

Henta Asanoka: A slightly dry, single cultivar sencha with a pleasant cereal note to it

Karigane Sakamoto: A beautiful stem tea made from the same plant used to produce Gyokuro. Smooth, sweet and fruity tea that makes a great cold brew

Kukicha Sakamoto: Made with slightly more stems than the Karigane. The tea is light, minerally and it has a slightly fruity note to it

Noike Hojicha: Sweeter roasted tea with a mouthwatering sensation and a subtle aftertaste of coffee.

Kuki Hojicha: Powerful roasted tea made from the stems of the tea plant. This tea is very low in caffeine and delivers a powerful coffee or chocolaty flavor profile

Kawabata Hojicha: Very nice roasted green tea from Kawabataen. While most green teas have a sweet, vegetal taste profile, Hojicha picks up taste notes of coffee and chocolate as well as a roasted flavor. This tea sits somewhere in the middle, with darker roasted notes as well as sweet caramel or chocolaty notes.

Kasugaen Golden Sencha: A powerful, high grade Yabukita Sencha from Mr. Kawaji in Kagoshima. This one is for the true tea lovers!

No Pesticides

These teas are made without the use of pesticides, ensuring that they leave minimal impact on the natural world

Premium Quality Green Tea

These teas have been carefully selected to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. We also visit the facilities in person to ensure these teas are produced with love and care

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